Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another Hot Day

Ok...I took a break from blogging, mainly because I find that I blog way too much about my personal life and think it's probably boring the hell out of anyone else who casually comes across my site. But oh well.. This is my life!
I started this whole blogging thing as a way to vent my own emotions. Not to entertain anyone else...

So here I go....

I spoke with Ray about the whole Boston trip. Apparently what I was told was something completely different. Ray wasn't going to Boston for anything other than visiting his sister and family. Although his Ex does in fact live in Boston, he had no intentions of re-kindling their relationship. Apparently all he seems to talk about is me and our friend Angie was jealous. She's over it now and says we make her sick, lol. Im glad we cleared things up with that. I cant help but wear a kool-aide smile all day myself. No matter what happens with this relationship, the one thing that I'll be most proud about, Is the fact that I never sold myself as something I wasn't. I'm just being me and hopefully I don't drive anyone into the 'G' bldg (Brooklyn Psych hosp) again.

Ok. I'm off to the pool again. Another HOT day in the city!

Stay cool! Have a Good Day!