Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Damn Surveys

Ever do one of those online surveys?

I'm not convinced that by answering a hand full of questions you can determine whether I'm wasting my time with my love interest, but here are my results anyway:

Temperamental [T]: He seems to be very sensitive to circumstances within and outside his control. This can make him look noticeably anxious, irritable, preoccupied or sad at times. In fact, you may find that he overindulges in activities like gambling or drinking to help cope with stress. He may even complain of feelings of panic, isolation or feeling overwhelmed during times of stress or conflict. During these periods, you can also expect him to come across at times as somewhat pessimistic, self-absorbed or entitled.

Be aware that a temperamental love interest often causes women to breakup for reasons related to arguments about him making few or no sacrifices in the relationship. Instead, the women seem to make the significant sacrifices. Therefore, as the relationship progresses it’s crucial to explore to what extent you’ll have to serve as his “anchor” and whether you’re comfortable with such a role.

Guarded [G]: He seems expressive with physical affection, generally speaking. You can also anticipate that he’ll willingly share his views and feelings – especially when he feels a lack of support from his social circle (family, friends and coworkers). But, it’s probably more difficult for him to sustain deeper levels of reciprocal communication. In other words, he may very well disappoint you when it comes to talking about your own thoughts, feelings and concerns. Because of this, you may not always feel like a priority around him. Furthermore, there’s a risk for becoming an emotional “crutch” to someone like this.

Be aware that a guarded love interest often causes women to breakup for reasons related to feeling ignored or that her partner is disconnected and unconcerned with her needs. This can also spur doubts about his honesty and suitability for a committed relationship. Therefore, as the relationship progresses it’s crucial to explore under what circumstances he’s most communicative and affectionate so you can help to ensure your needs will be heard and met.

So, to put it lightly:

If you’re looking for someone solely for a friendship or casual relationship, then your love interest definitely seems to be a keeper. This person’s tendency to be emotionally distant can be a turn off to some, while desirable for someone preferring a bit of distance. If you’re definitely looking for something committed at the moment, we suggest you look elsewhere.

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