Friday, June 06, 2008

Outdoors Fun

Yesterday Ang and I wanted to do something with the kids since they had the day off from school. I convinced her to go to a fav spot of mine rather than a movie. I'm more of an outdoors type while she knows where every mall and fried chicken joint is within a 45 mile radius :P

So, we enjoyed a round of mini golf... which I still cant believe she's never played before, paintball and a few hits in the batting cages. I went there hoping the kids would have fun and to keep from wasting a nice afternoon in the house while I slept. Instead I found relief. Man... hitting them balls felt soo freaking good. I haven't played softball since high school and let me tell you, that shit feels AWESOME! I wonder If I can get away with playing there without the kids and not seem like a dork? Oh well, who gives a shit?! I'm already the worlds greatest dork!

...But then I was reminded this morning why the doctor told me not to play contact sports. I don't care though, I'd do it again anytime!

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Anonymous said...

when the kids are in school...I wanna go to the batting