Friday, June 27, 2008

I Wanna Live

Ever hear something and take it totally out of context?

Today I was supposed to take the kids fishing but instead opted for the theater. Once again, I got stuck working late last night and since the kids waited up for me to get home, they too weren't excited to hear the alarm go off at 6am the first day of their summer. So we agreed to put it off till next week and see the new Disney flick Wall-E.

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you how watching another love story made me sick to my stomach... literally, not a single word about the plants that grow pizza, or even why sex in space is illegal. Instead I'm gonna dwell on a particular quote from one of the characters whom said "I don't wanna survive, I wanna Live!"

How can something so small have such a big impact?! In the case of the movie, the captain of the space ship wanted to return to Earth. In my world though, I'm coming to realize that I've been doing that...surviving. I haven't taken many chances, being especially careful since almost losing my life last year. I know I don't belong here though, not in NYC at least. I know I'm not doing what I was destined to do either, instead I decided to take the practical way out with my world revolving around my kids.

I've done enough surviving, I wanna live!

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Anonymous said...

You know that line is the only one that made an impact on me too...esp since the rest of the dialogue was "waleeee...evee..wallee!!" The kids laughed because they thought surviving and living is the same thing..Im tired of surviving.
OH and I wanna know who makes up the laws in space to say it's illegal?