Monday, June 23, 2008

Glow baby Glow

I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow. I made this particular appointment to discuss sending me to have another MRI done. Not only will the MRI leave me radioactive for a few hours but it will also tell me if the embolism in my right lung has dissolved. Honestly I believe it has, breathing has been so much easier. I've been able to slowly re-introduce physical activity without many problems.

The question now though is do I stop taking the blood thinner coumadin? See for as long as I can remember I've had circulatory problems. Being on the coumadin while the PE dissolves protected me from any new life threatening clots. Technically speaking its ok to stop taking it after tests prove the PE is gone. Last year I couldn't wait for the day my doctor would finally tell me I could stop taking the meds that make me bruise as easily as a banana and prevent me from tattooing a crashpad on my ass. However on a night like tonight when I'm having slight pain in the chest or the occasional leg cramps, I realize the dangers that still linger and I realize that my anxiety would keep me from being able to comfortably live with the decision to stop taking the meds.

So I'll still go tomorrow, and still be yelled at for accidentally skipping a few doses, but I just couldn't live with the decision to stop them all together.

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