Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Right Love, Wrong Time

Remember that dumb survey I did yesterday? There was this one particular quote that I purposely omitted that has me seriously pondering:

Everyone in the dating game has, at one point or another, had nagging questions about whether a certain person is worth their time and energy. The answer depends on what you want and need from the person at that particular time in your life (let’s not forget, when it comes to love, timing is everything).

"When it comes to love timing is everything". I repeat, "When it comes to love timing is everything". That quote can be taken and torn into dozens of interpretations. Wanna know what I think about it?!

I think its totally conceivable that you could find someone with all the traits you look for in a mate. Someone who allows you to be yourself, makes you smile just thinking about him/her, knows just what to say to make the hurt go away. Your best friend, your love... but at the wrong time. He or She may be getting over a failed marriage, or even worse... still in one.

Allow me to rewind for a minute, 4 years ago I lived in Florida. My husband and I had just separated and I was an emotional wreck. One day I met this older gentleman online and discovered he lived in my town. Joe was everything I thought I needed at that moment. He was a family man, financially stable and understood my cheesy jokes. Joe took me to places and made me feel like a queen, but he knew I wasnt over my situation and never made a move on me. If the situation were different, I'm sure we could've had a happy relationship. But the timing was wrong.

I mention this today because I realize no matter how much I try. No matter how certain I am, no matter how much I wish I could be with Nick, the timing for him is just too wrong. I'm his Joe right now, so to speak. Could I accept a good friendship or would I be holding on to false hopes?

While I may be uncertain about our future, I know one thing is certain. I just cant seem to see my life without him.


Ms. Batman said...

I've been there for 2 years now. I know we are meant to be together, I know he is The One. He knows it too. The timing is just off. We may be The One, but right now it not The Time. So, we wait. We dance around it. We love, we laugh, we hope, we dream, and we hurt, and we cry, and we think about giving up, or walking away.

And yet, we can't.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Batman couldnt have said it in better words. Its everything Im feeling right now too. Love is funny that way,it hurts so much but knowing that you have someone to feel this way about makes you pretty lucky. Some people never get to feel this way.
I want so much to walk away from mine,I know I can..but Im afraid that if I do I'll regret it for life...I can't see my life without him either.