Friday, May 26, 2006

Did U Miss Me?

Three whole days without blogging? Wow where do I begin? Well I blew off my plans with Elena tonight. We've been trying to plan a day to go see a movie together for a few weeks now. Sorry Elena, love ya but I've had one hell of a week.
The week started off bad, pretty much because of shit head. He's upset that Im not willing to pull him out from the whole he's dug up for himself. Ice was a stupid geek that thanks to the power of the internet, created this whole character that my naive self, fell for.
Next...BigDwag came to work the same shift as me the other day and was casually asked by a co-worker if he had a date to her wedding yet? She then, in an attempt to be economical, suggested we go together. I said ok, but BigDawg found offense to it. He thought that meant that he could get what he wants, a real date with me. Sorry to disappoint you, But your still not getting any BigDawg. SO now he says he'll let me know if he decides to let me go with him. Ya know it would be really F'ucked up if he says no. I think that alone would be enough to drop him from my list of friends since he knows how much I really want to go.
Then there's Kenny, who I've given up on. HE told Elena that he's ashamed to ask me out, being that he's unemployed at the moment. Yeah what ever... I've given up on him too. So what???
All this was followed up by a crazy ass week at work, but on a brighter note...Armando is still alive, lol.

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