Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Drama, with the Weekend Leftovers

Where Do I start? I've had the weekend from hell, and just when I thought it would get better, It took a turn for the worse today.

Lets see, Saturday I was sitting down doing some math and figuring out just how much I'll be able to afford for a new apartment for me and my daughters. So... I decided to call everyone that owes me, including the Ex. He give me the same old story about how he's barely making ends meet himself right now. I don't wanna hear anymore excuses, I just wanna know if you'll be paying back any of the thousands of dollars that you owe your children. No, ok good bye!!!

Then his sister calls me later and tells me that she and the rest of the family are concerned that he may be using drugs. Just great sure does explain a lot. Of course I'm all emotional at this point and just want some to lean on. That's when good ole' Joe comes in. He has impeccable timing, as always. He sends me a quick text message on my phone telling me that he and the kids are at universal studios and was just thinking about me. I swear we have this telepathy thing going.

See, I met Joe in FL after my husband left me, and his wife left him. We were both left with children and a household to run alone, living a few blocks away from each other. Ever since the day we met on the playground with the kids, Joe was always the one to turn to for comfort, until that is, when I left for NY. Needless to say, we chatted until 2 am. As long as I needed to. He did what he does best, turned my frown upside down.

Then this morning came and I'd realize that Armando had been MIA all weekend following his own bout of depression, leaving me worried for him. I wrote to his ex-wife who reassured me that he was ok. Sigh... What a relief. Next in the timeline is ICE, who finally after chatting on AIM for a few weeks, finally gets the courage to call me. This ass was caught in too many lies to even be mentioned in my blog anymore. He's not worthy any longer, once I catch a man in a lie...He's gone. Major ones at that, like age, having kids and occupation...Oh come one, atleast try to remember the lies you've told. SHIT!!! Oh... And NO I DON'T SOUND LIKE A RED-NECK!!!
Then the ex-husband has to top the icing on the cake and call me at work. He wants me to contact the child support office and tell them that we're agreeing to settle the debt that he owes and in return he will promise to pay on time in the future. God, please tell me when this day will end???? I'm honestly afraid of what tomorrow will bring. I'd call Joe, but I don't want to burden him anymore, besides Florida is too far away to drive for a much needed hug. :(

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