Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekend Drama Update

I just got back from my Sunday swim with the girls and wanted to blog my weekend of drama. This weekend was quite interesting. It all started Friday night. I went out with Elena, her fiance and their best friend Kenny. How convenient would it be if me and Kenny hooked up since were always together every weekend anyway? Well apparently Elena's been trying to work her magic, and hook us up. Only problem is that he's too shy to approach me. My problem is that I'm not into shy guys. I need a "whisper in my ear: come lets go sneak to the bathroom for a minute" kinda guy. I'm not so sure that he could live up to that. Or... Maybe I'll have to help him a little.
Ok so Friday night was a bust, all we did was go to a loud bar and play pool and stuff... Couldn't exactly chat. I guess we'll have to chat on the next date this weekend. Yes I'm allowing a second!

Then Saturday and Sunday consisted of mostly house work, cooking, cleaning and other related chores. Sometime in between I discovered that I was being played by the BigDawg.

Thanks to the power of myspace, I discover that I'm not the only one he's been trying to win. See there's some chick that happens to be advertising that she's going to the Bahamas conviently at the same time that BigDawg is. She's not a sister, and not his ex-wife either, but they both have one another in 1st place in the top friends area. I'm not sure why this pisses me off, considering I don't want him. I knew all along not to mess with someone who's been trying to cheat on his wife for over a year. I'm sure he did too, but thankfully not with me.

Ok I'm off... When I'm pissed off I tend to wanna cook. Maybe I'll bring a nice batch of oatmeal cookies to the new co-workers in the morning.