Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dont Eat Where You Sleep

Nothing noteworthy to mention today. No contact with the outside world other than work today. Which by the way, is part of my problem.

One note to all of you who think dating co-workers is a good idea......ITS NOT!!! I've always been against the idea. However since just like today, I don't get to have real interaction often, meeting someone at work always seems to come when I'm feeling lonely. I've dated two guys at work in the several years that I've been there. One worked at another office about 30 miles away, and on another shift. The other on the same shift, but once again in another office. Both relationships went bad and now worse. See this new position that I have in the company forces me to work with not one, but both of them in the same office often at the same time. Phew... Talk about making someone a bit uncomfortable? It's just not possible to avoid those awkward moments anymore.

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