Thursday, May 04, 2006

I don't care who's winking on

Why does it seem like now that I have cancelled my subscription to those online dating sites, that I've been getting more emails and winks then ever. I'm telling you, I'm addicted. They're drawing my curiosity. The "what If" is driving me crazy. I'm gonna be strong and resist the urge to reinstate my subscriptions. I'm just so damn tired of wasting my money on these places. So far I've had nothing but bad luck with these sites. We never really show our true selves on these sites. We write what we hope someone else wants to hear. Otherwise I would've never bothered with a few like the Turkish man that stalks me every day for a year now in attempt of getting what I believe to be a green card, and the military captain that wants to punish me If the sex is bad by making me sleep on the floor and drink from a bowl. LOL... All that on just the first date!!! Hello... Can you say wierdo's? Maybe that's why I'm not really interested in dating right now. I'm sure there really are some great guys out there, but until I can tell if he's playing with a full deck of cards first... I'm much better off where I am now.

Of course my friends beg to differ. You see Elena, my best friend, is kidnapping me and forcing me out on a double date this weekend. Despite last weekend's mishap and accidentally falling asleep beforehand, I'm actually a bit optimistic this time. Kenny's a bit shy and asked Elena to please set up a double date. We'll do the whole movies and dinner thing, then they want to go back to the city for drinks and dancing. I'm into the dinner and movie, but depending on how the first half of the night goes, I'll have to let you know where I allowed it to go from there.

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