Friday, May 05, 2006


Happy Get Drunk Friday!!!

...And Yes I plan on celebrating. Elena's pretty much forcing me to go out with her and the guys tonight. Hang out with a bunch of single, hot cops...Absolutely. So, given the special occasion, we've decided to skip dinner and the movie and go directly to the bars, so we'll pass go, do not collect $200, get drunk off our ass and maybe if Im lucky I'll be handcuffed and put into a private cell by the end of the night.

I've learned through time not to get my hopes up though, and to just go with the flow. Anyone that knows me, knows that I wouldn't wander off with a guy that I just met anyway. Although now that Im finally feeling some closure with the Big Dawg situation, Im ready to have a great night. Working with him all week and having to spend long nights together again at work, has brought back the old buddy I thought I'd lost. We laughed, joked and had a great time, just like the old days. SO ...In response to my previous post, yes It is possible to go back to "just friends".

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