Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's Started Early Today

When will this drama end? I was feeling rather good this morning, checking out my favorite website and a few good laughs. When the Ex had to call and ruin my day... Couldn't give me a break. Apparently he's upset because he's been caught by child support enforcement. He owes our children $3,000 in un-paid support.

He wants me to spare him. Help him?? When he left us, we were evicted from our home, I lost my car, was homeless for two weeks, and had to lose everything and move to NY to be with family. Where the hell was he when I was crying for help? Why should I give a damn now. The judge spared him at our initial child support hearing, because he was an ex-service member who was currently unemployed. All he has to pay for his share of support is a whopping $60 a week, for 2 kids. That's insane, and he still refused to pay even though he's been gainfully employed for well over a year.

So why am I digressing over this? Well it's not so easy to hate someone you've loved for so long. We met in High School and started a family very early, he joined the military and we moved down south. There were many good times, but then somehow things took a turn for the worse. Don't get me wrong I never wanna be with him again, but I still cant find it within me to cause pain to someone else. So excuse me guys, but I may be in a rather bad mood all day!